Arboles Care Tree Services, Inc. is the Los Angeles tree removal company to count on for stump/tree removal and pruning. Many property owners are deterred by tree removal cost. Our professional crews can provide exactly what you need and guarantee customer satisfaction. We provide fast service, so preventative care and dealing with a dead or diseased tree are possible without incurring potentially higher costs later.

Our highly valued services throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County include:

Tree Removal


If you’re looking for tree removal, Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc is the only name you need. We want to make sure that your community is beautiful. Trees are a natural part of any landscape, whether it’s the city or the suburb. There is nothing like a carefully tailored neighborhood with trees swooping over the street without the danger of falling branches.

It is our goal to be the best tree removal company. We don’t just meet expectations for emergency tree removal services; we provide an experience that goes above and beyond your highest standards.

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers

Clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties can depend on us to remove dead or diseased trees from their properties. Residents and commercial property owners all over Southern California depend on trees to beautify their grounds, but tree diseases and age are just a couple of factors that can warrant spending the tree removal cost. We offer fair pricing and excellent service by licensed, bonded professionals.

Any sign of decay can make trees a hazard on your property. Contact us if you notice any changes, and our team will conduct an on-site assessment. Our experienced technicians are properly trained and employ the equipment needed to safely and effectively remove damaged, diseased, or dead trees from your property.

If most of the tree can be salvaged, our professionals are experienced in tree pruning, so they can remove damaged branches and perform other services that help improve the trees’ health. We can remove/maintain all types of trees. Whether you have a large oak tree, thick sycamore tree, or a tropical palm tree that needs to be removed, our technicians can be on-site quickly and tend to all necessary tree-removal services.

The cost of tree maintenance is typically less than dealing with a diseased or dying tree and fixing the damage it may cause. Removing a dead/diseased tree now can also be more cost-effective than waiting.

Beauty and safety are an important part of what we do. With our skills in tree removal, we know you’ll be more than thrilled with the results. Our passion for tree services is unmatched, and you always get value for your investment. Tell us what you need in tree services, and we’ll deliver. Get in touch with Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc today!

Stump Removal

Tree Stump

There are times when you need to get rid of unwanted obstacles like stumps. Though they may not look like it, stumps can be very heavy and difficult to dislodge. Fortunately, stump removal is available from a professional tree service company like Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc to make it easy for you.

Stump removal is accomplished through tree stump grinding. The stump grinder is a machine that uses a notched and quickly spinning wheel to reduce the stump into sawdust. The tree-cutting experts can then bury the remnants without much trouble, leaving your property cleaner than before.

Although some people see this as an unnecessary cost, proper stump removal can enhance the look, curb appeal, and safety of your home. Our professionals use the proper equipment and techniques. Therefore, no damage is done to any surrounding structures, ground, or pavement, and your yard or sidewalk will look much more presentable.

There are various methods of removing tree stumps, but store-bought products don’t come close to what our professional tree stump remover can do. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of the process. Therefore, you don’t risk injuring yourself or making the situation more complicated by causing additional damage.

How Our Stump Grinder Works

A stump grinder is a sophisticated power tool. It employs a high-speed cutting disc that grinds down the tree stump, as well as the roots beneath it. Hydraulic components within the hand-held machine move the cutter head up and down through the stump to efficiently remove all of it. Small wood chips are all that remain.

Our trained tree-removal specialists have a great deal of experience. They have been at the job for many years. If you’ve never used such heavy-duty equipment yourself, it can be quite dangerous, but our stump grinding service is managed by qualified professionals who get the job done right and, thanks to their expertise and precision, with peace of mind.

Call the Pros for Stump Removal Today

For more information about our stump removal services and a quote on the stump-grinding cost at your property, contact Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc. We have a proud record of helping the residents of Oxnard, CA with their tree problems and restoring the look and safety of their properties.

Tree Pruning


Many tree diseases can damage limbs and make your tree unsightly and even dangerous. We’ll clear any diseased or dead limbs so your tree looks better than ever. Pruning also improves air circulation and tree health. It can even eliminate problems related to insects and fungi.

Whether you require a formal pruning to shape and beautify your trees, shrubs, and flowers or a full trimming to remove what isn’t desirable, accent what looks attractive, and strengthen your greenery, our professionals can get the job done.

We can provide various types of pruning. Crown reduction can cut back growth that strains the tree and its root system. It often works for old or very large trees. Pruning is often an option, rather than removing the tree entirely and replanting the site.

Crown restoration can increase light availability so your tree can thrive for years to come. For larger trees, crown lifting involves pruning lower limbs. The top of the tree can then remain healthy and continue to grow

Count on Arboles Care

We provide the most outstanding tree pruning. If you no longer want a tree in your yard, we are the ones to call to get it done. Thanks to our experience, you can rely on us for tree cutting services. That’s why we’re here: to make sure your trees look the way you want them to. You don’t have to let nature run its course and take over your property.

Once you see what we have to offer in tree service, we know you’ll choose us again. We provide the best tree-stump grinding in terms of value and quality. Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc achieves high marks in lot clearing because of our approach.

Arboles Care Tree Service always puts the customer first. When you see the Arboles difference for yourself, you’ll want to show your new lot to everyone. If you know anyone who needs tree care and planting, spread the word to all your friends and family. Go ahead and contact Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc today!